About BlogSkilz

We build affiliate websites and blogs ourselves. So we know about how confusing and frustrating it can be to get your own website started, much less profitable.

We’ve learned the ins and outs of starting personal blogs, business blogs, affiliate sales websites, and more. No matter the function of your new blog, we have you covered!

BlogSkilz is Here to Help You Succeed

You’ll never have to worry about our pages lacking for valuable information to help answer your questions. We are here to help you make the next move toward succes

That success is yours for the taking, and we will never tell you it’s easy, or overnight. We will show you every shortcut we know, but it’s always up to you to choose success.

We know the way, because every thing we teach, we’ve learned. Usually learned it the hard way, so we know the simplest and most straight forward route to get from a to z.

We’re Still Blogging and Learning Every Day

The internet is dynamic, and never stops evolving and growing. The learning curve never ends and more excitement is always just around the corn

Blogs are like books. Some books are short, with only a few pages, some long and heavy with a lot of pages. With books you always see the cover first, but not necessarily true with blogs.

When you see a book, it’s always a finished product, but that’s rarely true with a blog. Blogs are more like a 24 hour business, always open, always growing, and always open for visitors.

So BlogSkilz is always open for you, and always growing: one page at the time.

We work out of those general—but essential—concepts explaining in great detail the smallest intricacies of each of the building blocks of blogging.

They’ll still be plenty to learn and do after you get your first blog post published, and we’ll help you along there too.

You’ll get to know about how to attract an audience for your post, how to get the search engines to like you, how to write articles that your very own audience looks forward to reading, and where to go next.

Blogging and affiliate marketing is not just one thing. It’s many small blocks of knowledge learned, task completed, and pages written.

Each piece joins together to make a book as large as you want . But without the basic foundation set, it won’t go far, and you’ll be left frustrated and wondering where you went wrong.

We’re excited to make this adventure with you, sharing everything we know, and learn, as we go forward. We’re glad to help you get it right one step at the time.

BlogSkilz will provide the information to help you put all of the pieces together for success.

There’s a lot to getting a website started, getting visitors to read what you have, and then knowing just how to make money from your website. It can easily get confusing and overwhelming