What to Think About Before Starting Your Own Blog?

Like I said eariler, there are a lot of ways to start a blog. And there are a lot of reasons to blog. Make no mistake, there are plenty of people like yourself blogging now. In fact, more than ever before.

I think that because you originally asked if anyone is “still” blogging, you aren’t reading blogs online? If that’s true, you could start by spending some time googling different types of blogs.

Try googling these and see what people are writing about:

  • mommy blogs
  • self help blogs
  • marriage blogs
  • Christian blogs

You can actually google almost any thing and put blogs behind it and get plenty of search results.

Now, though, it’s time to think (as much as possible from a newbie standpoint) exactly what you could gain from your own blog, or why blog? Here’s why thinking it through is important:

Bogging Free vs Owning Your Own Blog

You can blog absolutely free at Blogger.com. Just go there and go through the steps for a free blog, and start writing. You can also go to Ezinearticles.com and write for free. If you want your friends to see what you’re writing about, just send them links to your blog post.

I think blogger.com is the best and easiest place to start your own free website, but there are others as well.

I’m adding this later, because I can’t believe I forgot Medium. Even though I have an account at Medium, I never use it. However, it is a good place to start blogging for free, or paying the small fee to read all the post (free accounts don’t get to see all post and some other benefits of paying I don’t remember.

However, there are problems with blogging on any free website.

You can not sell or advertise anything on free websites

First of all, most people who continue on for very long, soon get the urge to see if they can sell some thing they really like to their readers.

You can’t do that on free blogging platforms.

If later on, you decide you want to move to advertising anything on your site for a commision, all the post you have previously written are basically wasted — because you will have to then start over with your own website that is really yours.

So, I think that anyone with the urge to blog is far better off to start out with an inexpensive website of their own.

Do anything you want with your own property

You can start your own website for about $60 which includes a place to host your site, and your own domain name which you can never actually have with a free website.

When you pay it’s like owning your own realestate. You can do any thing you want with it, with out worring if you are breaking the rules.

Either way, there is a learning curve. Most peopl who start with a free site do so because it’s pretty simple, but later wind up either paying someone to move all that content, or go off and leave it.

There is Always A Learning Curve

There is always a learning curve, no matter where you blog. And to be honest, the curve is slow and easy, but never ending if you continue on.

If you blog on a free site it’s easier, but less rewarding in many ways.

If you own your own domain name and website, you can learn as little or as much as you like.

Free Vs Your Own Blog

With a free blog, once you go through the registration and set up the process, which is usually pretty easy, you can just start writing.

Your Own Domain Name for Blogging

When you own your own blog, you purchase a domain name (the name of your website. The domain name here is BlogSkilz.com) which belongs to me for as long as I want it. Once I register it no one else on earth can have that name.

You never own a domain name when blogging free.

Websites Must Be Hosted to the Web

Owning your own blog also requires purchasing hosting. Hosting companies are the people who actually get your blog online.

It’s easy to be scared off by hosting, but this is something that can be as simple or as nerdy as you like.

Once you make the original purchase, and set up your website the first time — you can actually never go back to it again. If on the other hand, you find yourself getting more involved with your website, it’s easy enough to learn everything you need on the way.

How much does it cost to own your own blog?

Domain Names

A domain name can run from 10 to 16 dollars a year, and I would never pay more than $10 at Internetbs.net.

The thing about domain names is that you must renew it each year (for about the same cost), or you will lose it, and then you can’t get back to your website.


Hosting is the next absolute necessity, and cost varies from $1 a month to thousands a year. (Most people with large productive websites pay 2-3 hundred a year, but that’s not important until a website is making money)

The best place to start is with hosting for 3-4 dollars a month, usually paying for a year at the time which is less than $50.

But if that’s too much, there is definitely a way to host your site for as little as $12 a year.

That’s all that is required when you go about blogging the right way.

There’s more to learn and know, but that’s the basics.

Now it’s up to you to decide your own blogging future.

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