Which Affiliate Marketing Niches Work?

Affiliate marketing niches are everywhere and most of them will work!  There’s absolutely no end to profitable niches of people to market to online.

which affiliate marketing niches work
Affiliate Marketing Works

So stop thinking you just can’t find one that works for you.

To help you get started try reading this post: What is a Website Niche?

In the meantime, you need to know that people make purchases for two basic reasons:

  • Attempting to solve a problem
  • Impulse buying

Which Affiliate Marketing Niches Work?

When you’re just starting out with affiliate marketing you should probably forget impulse buyers, and focus all of your energy and efforts on solving real problems for real people.

Here’s just a few ways to break down problems into affiliate marketing niches:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Family problems
  • Where to travel
  • How to start a blog
  • How to find a niche

There are many thousands of people online everyday looking for answers in each of these niches. 

I like to pick one and start thinking of the different sub-niches that can go within each one. For instance health includes thousands of sub-niches such as:

  • Fitness
  • Dieting
  • Women dieting
  • How to remove warts

Get it? Most any of those topics will have small groups of people within them, and affiliate marketing is about locating and isolating those smaller groups.

Make a List of Problems to Solve

If you’re having a difficult time coming up with a niche, stop everything and make your own list. The list above took me as long as it took me to type the letters, and I can think of thousands more, and they all work for affiliate marketing.

It’s almost impossible to think of a problem that someone needs to solve without finding an affiliate product or network to provide the solution. So, in a nut shell, if you can think of a problem yourself or someone else is having, it’s good for affiliate marketing.

Problems don’t have to be earth shattering

And don’t get hung up thinking a problem is something earth shattering, either. I am presently having a problem with which WordPress theme to use on an affiliate website.

  • I am about to spend time researching themes and websites that display and explain the benefits of various WordPress themes. Someone online is going to help me solve that problem.
  • My wife is trying to decide which strain of tomato plants will work best in our climate and soil? If you know anything about gardening you could start a tomato website, and help her out. Do a search on places like ClickBank and I would bet you can find an eBook to sell as an affiliate product. Get the picture, yet?

Passion and Affiliate Niches

There’s a lot of back and forth talk about how important passion is to picking a niche, so you’ll have to answer that one for yourself. I can tell you that as a beginner, if you have no passion at all for what your blog is about — you’re likely to get tired of it pretty quickly.

Some marketers have many different affiliate niche sites, and their only passion is for making money. I can assure you there’s nothing wrong with that business model, but for beginner bloggers I think it’s bad news.

Interest and Passion Together Make it Work

Affiliate websites are made up of content, a lot of content sometimes, and you are either going to write post yourself, or pay someone to write them. My own rule of thumb is about 100 post and 6 months to a year to get it going. Even though I am pretty good at researching and writing content — if my interest in the topic wanes — it’s a real pain to make myself go on.

Not only are you going to be researching and writing blog post for your audience, you may be writing guest post to help get traffic to your site. If you’re not interested in your niche, your writing will suffer and getting guest post will be almost impossible. You’ll need some degree of passion to make your affiliate site work.

What Makes A Niche Work

1. Is there Money being spent online?

To be honest every niche isn’t profitable online. Remember that a niche is any group of people attempting to solve a problem online, right?

A ton of people are trying to decide the best place to buy a car, but few are making automobile purchases online from affiliate sites. So I’m saying that’s a niche, but not a profitable one.

On the other hand, millions of people are attempting to solve weight, relationship, and health problems online. And they’re spending a ton of money on those niches too.

2. Are people passionate about their problems?

Here we are back to passion? This time the people who land on your website need to be passionate about solving their problems.

Dating, making money online, curing psoriasis or hemorrhoids are niches that people need urgent help with: they’re passionate to solve the problem and willing to spend money to get it done.

Hobbies like cooking, travel, sports, golf, running are all places where there’s a lot of passion and a lot of money being spent online.

3. Are there any affiliate products for the niche?

It’s a good idea to find affiliate products to promote before you get too deep into building your first affiliate website. You don’t want to spend precious time building a site with content and links only to learn you can’t find a product you really want to represent to your readers.

Spend some time on:

  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • ShareaSale
  • Offervault.com
  • CJ.com

As you come up with ideas for your niche site. Not only do you want a product, but you will do much better with a product you really believe in. It won’t take long for a reader to know whether or not you trust the product to solve their problem, or you’re just a peddler?

4. Is there any competition?

Believe it or not, you need competition! To start with, you don’t want to re-invent the wheel, and if there’s no competition, it’s a good sign there’s no money to be made. So don’t waste your time looking for affiliate niches that have no competition. There’s a reason no one is going after that possible audience!

And back to not re-inventing the wheel. Don’t be afraid to model your site after your competition. Now, I am definitely not saying to clone someone elses website, but why not study their affiliate site and take their strong points for yourself.


It’s not difficult to come up with a niche that works for affiliate marketing online, but that’s only the bare beginning. If you can see yourself operating and maintaining an online business that makes money for the long haul it’s time to start researching which affiliate marketing niches work and get started.

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