Why Blog? Top 10 Reasons Why Smart People Blog

Are you asking “why blog“?

Out of over 1.75 billion websites online right now, about 600 million of those are considered blogs. So, there’s a wide array of people blogging these days. Some people blog for fun, some for something to occupy their time, and many to make money.

What’s the difference in a blog and a website? Well, a blog is definitely a website and here’s the difference: Blogs are a website with frequently updated content. They’re more like a book with pages being added regularly. A website is more static and seldom updated.

This website is a blog because I update it with fresh content regularly. Many static websites have a separate blog connected to them. Those sites will usually have a link in the navigation bar that says “Blog”.

Why Blog?

Blogging has become a valuable life asset to a wide variety of people, for all kinds of reasons. Blogging changes life’s for the better in many ways, including financially and personally.

There are probably as many reasons to start a blog as their are bloggers? And what makes them so popular is the ease and fun of fulfilling personal goals. Been considering taking the plunge yourself? The rest of this post list 10 popular reasons why people blog.

1. Blogs Communicate Thoughts and Ideas

Most people have ideas and opinions about a lot of topics. A lot of those people would like to have a place to voice what they think and know. Even if you don’t think of yourself as outgoing, a public speaker or writer, blogging puts everyone on an equal footing.

Blogs make an exceptional place to say what’s on your mind or share your thoughts about any subject under the sun. And you can do it without fear of criticism. And the best part is, once you blog, other people will want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

2. Curiosity

We all surf the web these days. We look for information, or products to buy. Search engines like Google and Bing have us dashing to the internet every time we have a question.

After a while, we notice how blogs look and wonder how they do that? We get curious about having our own website and wonder how to start our own blog? That’s what happened to me several years ago, and I know that’s why many people blog.

3. Making Money

Once your blog accumulates readers, there’s always a method to monetize your pages and post. In 2019, Americans alone spent close to 600 billion dollars online. That money went through giant websites like Amazon and the smallest blogs selling inexpensive Ebooks about how to do something.

Blogging is seldom a get rich quick scheme, but allows people from all walks of life the opportunity to make anything from a few dollars to thousands a month.

4. Selling Affiliate Products

They make money online from selling both physical and digital products. As a blogger you may sell products you own, or sell other people’s products for a commission.

Almost every major retailer in the nation now has an affiliate program. Bloggers sign up to recommend their products to readers. If a reader “clicks through” and makes a purchase on a site like Walmart, Amazon, Target, or many others, you get a commission. That’s known as affiliate marketing and has made many blogs millions of dollars.

5. Blogging is Writing

Almost every blog starts off with the owner writing and posting regular and fresh content. At some point, the blog begins to have people checking back for the latest post. And no matter your own writing skills, there will always be people who can relate to what you write.

Many blogs monetize their website as their audience grows. It’s interesting to know that most blogs hire writers to produce their content as the blog grows and sales increase.

Even with that said, there are plenty of bloggers who never intend to make a cent. They blog because they love communicating their thoughts and increasing their writing skills.

6. Blogging for Brick and Mortar Businesses

Businesses everywhere are enjoying this inexpensive and effective method to advertise. Whether you are a local restaurant or building a billion dollar presidential airplane, people need to know why you’re in business.

Because the entire population is at a PC or on their phone, no advertisement could reach more buyers. And blogging for a business on the corner isn’t any different from blogging just for fun.

7. Blogging is Great Fun

Bogging is a continuous adventure and splendid fun. Most of us feel a little overwhelmed at first, but remembering why we started keeps us enjoying the learning experience.

The learning experience is ongoing and entertaining as you learn new skills along with what others are interested in reading on your blog. Remembering that you set out to have fun with your blog you will know when to take a breath and relax. If you love reaching out to people to help them, then blogging is for you.

8. You Have a Message But You’re Introverted

Blogging is the place for you if you are introverted. In fact, this may be the biggest reason so many people start their new blog. Shy people can finally find a place to excel, be famous, get rich, and get noticed.

Once you;get started;you will probably get over being shy. On the internet, as your own community of people, your own tribe, grows, it will surprise you at how you become an outgoing personality.

9. Your Nest Is Empty

Life is pretty hum-drum since the kids started their own life. You’ll soon learn the internet is full of happy empty nesters. What a splendid way to get to know people all over the country and the world.

Another reason empty nesters and retired people are blogging is the opportunity to get back to learning. Learning how to start up your own website, and all that goes with it will not only give you something to do, it will keep your brain and mind active.

10. Why Blogging For Money Only Makes Sense?

No matter why you are thinking about blogging, you can monetize your blog for making money. You can easily sign up for Google Adsense, get an add block on your blog and make a few dollars a month. Anywhere from $1 to thousands just from allowing Google to place adds on your website.

Once you have a regular audience, you may want to create your own product or just sell someone else’s products. You can do that with little or no cost to the sky’s the limit. A blog can always make money, depending on why you are blogging.


Blogs never stop gaining popularity. People of every age and walk of life enjoy their own personal benefits of blogging. Of course, blogging isn’t for everybody. On the other hand, starting your own blog could be a life-changing event.

Bogs can be extremely large with immense masses of people following them each day, or tiny personal spaces. Some are built entirely around producing money, other people just enjoy creating websites and content.

However, they all have one important thing in common. Every blog starts small., and every blogger was a beginner.

If you decide to start a blog, don’t expect to be an expert the day you begin. They are several different pieces that all fit together to make a blog. At first there’s a lot of new information, but taking it one task at the time removes the overwhelm.

In short order your own blog will take shape and the question why blog will be a distant memory.

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